About Us

Allegany Area Historical Association


Bringing Allegany Area History to Our Community

We are a non-profit organization of interested volunteers who are currently working to better organize the Allegany Heritage Center, located at 25 N. Second Street in Allegany.

Our current goal is to provide more information online and make it more accessible to more people.

We publish a newsletter four times a year, that contains articles of history, personal accounts and recollections, and articles of interest to the community.

Membership dues help pay for the cost of printing and mailing these newsletters. By joining our membership, you will automatically receive newsletters.

St Elizabeth Academy, a large brick building with white adornment at the windows and tall steeples
Allegany Town Hall 1940's with old car parked in the street
Chipmonk School with schoolchildren posing in front of the door
Two Mile Valley with view of cable lines and railroad track
Free Methodist church at Third and Chestnut pre-1927

We have purchased historic markers for buildings and cemeteries in the area, and we hope to purchase more. We also offer programs of interest to the community several times a year (usually spring and fall), and offer several publications for sale.

We hold an Annual Fund-raiser Christmas Cookie Sale on the first Saturday in December. All of our cookies are donated by volunteers and boxed beforehand.

We also hold a Christmas Service on the first Sunday in December. Traditionally the local pastors in town have volunteered in turn to lead the Christmas Service held at the Center.

65 W. Main in 1912 Weyerstall Meat Market
District 7 West Branch School with schoolchildren out front

Current Officers

President: Char Sendlakowski
Vice President: Jim Hitchcock
Secretary/Treasurer: Sue Kalman
Corresponding Secretary: Eileen Shabala

Board of Trustees:
Marilyn Frisina, Margaret Parker, Kathy Premo, Hans Sendlakowski, Tom Stetz, John Williams